I believe that an invisible force animates our physical reality.  From this ‘unseen’ world, I draw the inspiration for my work. Line, repetition and layering are fundamental in the work – every one of my pieces begins with a layer of repetitive drawing.  New forms and shapes arise, while previously used ones morph and evolve.  My work is intuitive and I allow the process to dictate the course of each piece.

I employ different mediums such as ink, enamel, watercolor, gouache and digital images among others, because of their own particularities and how they each transform the work.  My choice and combination of colors is spontaneous, at times marrying colors that are not complementary but somehow work together.

Most of the photographs that appear in some of my work have personal meaning. Through these images I explore my relationships with certain individuals and places that are significant in my life. I digitally combine different imagery, generating ‘worlds’ remembered and imagined.

The installations I create symbolize our perceived individuality and how everything is connected to everything else.  Every piece that forms part of each installation is different, yet together they constitute a whole.

Luisa Mesa, 2022